Join us at the Wave Protocol Summit

Monday, October 4, 2010 | 3:39 PM


The Wave in a Box project is shaping up well and we're now posting regular progress reports to the group forum (the most recent is here). We've also created a list of starter projects, easy tasks for developers to get started contributing to the codebase. You can chat with some of the Wave engineers at the upcoming online office hours (in Google Wave). The next one is on Monday (Tuesday down under) - details are in the forum.

To bring the developer community together we are hosting a Wave Protocol Summit in San Francisco, November 2010. Through the summit we aim to grow the Wave developer community, share technical knowledge, and discuss the future of Wave technology and its community. The summit will be targeted towards technical people interested in using, contributing to, or building on Wave technology. Content will include:

  • technical talks on specific aspects of Wave technology,
  • problem solving around open technical issues,
  • discussions about project organisation and governance, and
  • group coding sessions (fun!).

The summit will be three days of talks and discussion (November 8 - 10) followed by two days of coding (November 11 - 12) on Wave in a Box and federation. We're still working out the detailed schedule, so stay tuned to the forums for further details (and give your feedback).

If you would like to join us, you can request a seat (due to capacity constraints, we'll confirm your seat in the coming weeks). To help improve the summit, please also suggest or request session content of particular interest to you.

In the meantime, see you on the forums!