Make your waves easier to find with savedSearchHook

Monday, May 31, 2010 | 5:17 PM


One of my favorite features of Wave is "saved searches." When I use a search query that I want to remember to check later, I click "save search" at the bottom of the search panel, specify a title, and then that search shows up in my nav panel as a link. When a wave matching that search query show up in the search panel, it will be labeled with the saved search terms.

I use searches for lots of things - keeping track of waves for particular Google groups (e.g. ""), waves with particular tags (e.g. "tag:wavedevfaq"), waves I've contributed to ("with:me"), and oftentimes, waves created by a particular robot (e.g. "with:submitty-bot tag:status-inreview").

I always wished extensions could automatically save those searches for me, and today, I'm happy to announce that extension installers can now use the savedSearchHook to specify saved searches to be automatically added to the user's nav panel. For example, the Google I/O extension adds a saved search to make it easy to find all the conference waves, using this addition to the installer XML:

<savedSearchHook name="Google IO 2010" query=" tag:io2010"></savedSearchHook>

For another example, the Tasky developer provides users with a "Tasky Extras" extension that adds a set of hooks for finding tasks in various stages of progress:

<savedSearchHook name="Tasky: All" query="with:me tag:task"></savedSearchHook> 
<savedSearchHook name="Tasky: Top-Level" query="with:me tag:task -tag:sub-task"></savedSearchHook> 
<savedSearchHook name="Tasky: Active" query="with:me tag:task -tag:status-completed -tag:status-canceled -tag:status-rejected"></savedSearchHook> 
<savedSearchHook name="Tasky: New" query="with:me tag:status-describing OR tag:status-notstarted OR tag:status-brainstorming past:1w"></savedSearchHook>  

For more information, read through the extension installer documentation. Stop by the forum to ask any questions or to share your use of the feature.