The API v2 Robots Have Risen: Check them out!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 | 10:18 AM


We launched the new Robots API (v2) last month, and since then, we've seen a a slew of new and interesting robots from Google Wave developers -- proving that robots can now be used in more ways than ever before.

We want to share some examples here, to give you a taste of the possibilities:

Pushy: This robot accepts any form of HTTP post and adds the content as a new message on the wave. It has special handling for the post-commit hooks on github and googlecode. The developer created this robot because he uses Google Wave at his company, and he wanted a way to have waves be updated based on their github project activity I've personally been using it to subscribe to updates on our google-wave-resources project. You can check out the source code from the samples gallery, and install it from the gallery wave.

docXwave: This robot imports .docx (Microsoft Word) files into a wave, converting the formatting and even tables, using a table gadget. The developer is a part of Plutext, a group of developers working on various Microsoft Word related efforts and an open source OpenXML file converter python module. You can install it from the gallery wave.

Ferry: This robot exports Google waves to Google documents, letting you specify if you want to continually export, and if you want to export everything or just the root blip. This is useful for people that want to export to a Google doc for the printing, exporting, or extra formatting capabilities. You can install it from the gallery wave.
robot-robot: The robot lets you write code inside a wave, and run that code as a robot on another wave. This means that you can get started playing around with the APIs, without having to setup an App Engine account and your own project. I'm looking forward to using it for live demos and codelabs. You can check out the source code from the samples gallery, and install it from the gallery wave. You might also be interested in "as-a-robot", another robot-writing robot from a different developer. Great developers think alike!

Mr. Ray: This robot makes it possible to use wave with people not on wave - you add their emails via a gadget, and the robot emails them a static copy of the wave. When they reply in the static interface, it syncs the reply back into the wave. It's a fantastic use of the proxying for feature in the new API, and of course, the active API. It's also incredibly useful - I'm using it to plan an event with high school friends, who are all highly addicted to their email system of choice. You can install Mr. Ray from the gallery wave.

If you're working on your own API v2 robots, be sure to share them in the forum and in the extensions gallery. We look forward to seeing what your creative minds come up with.