You got questions? We've got answers!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009 | 6:06 PM


Last Saturday, at the Mass GTUG Wave Hackathon, I spent six hours hopping from table to table, answering questions about the best way to do X, the quickest way to do Y, and the future way to do Z. I soon realized that these questions were likely reflective of the questions that go through the heads of developers getting started with the Google Wave APIs, and I started taking notes (in Google Wave, of course). With the help of my colleagues, we've turned those notes into the beginnings of an FAQ for Wave developers. There are 4 sections in the FAQ, covering questions on sandbox/preview accounts, client libraries, and general development tips, helping you answer questions like "How do you retrieve a submitted blip?" and "How can you view the XML representation of a Wave?".

The coolest part of the FAQ is that it's actually generated from a series of waves on, and a robot takes care of exporting the waves into the HTML page. This means that our team can use Wave for super-easy collaboration on the FAQs, but we can represent the information in a format that is viewable by everyone and fits in with the rest of the documentation. The FAQ-generator robot is based on the Exporty sample, so take a look at that if you want to implement a similar system to meet your own needs.

Please read through the FAQ when you have the chance; you might learn something new, or hey, you might have an answer that's better than ours. Stop by the Google Wave API forum to let us know what we can improve or add.