Google Wave API Articles: Extensions Debugging & Robot-to-Gadget Communication

Thursday, December 3, 2009 | 2:25 PM


We've recently added an articles section to the Google Wave APIs documentation, with three articles to make Google Wave API development easier.

Debugging Robots
Learn how to use the App Engine logs for easier debugging, verify your robot is set up correctly, and even test your robot locally (without deploying). This article can speed up your development process by making it faster and easier to catch bugs.

Debugging Gadgets
Get tips for testing new code, simulating multiple users, logging debug messages, and logging state deltas. Developing multi-user real-time gadgets is hard when you're just one developer, and this article should make it easier for you.

Robot-to-Gadget Communication
Delve into the innards of "Embeddy", the robot that generates embed code for a wave. This article describes how robots can insert gadgets on a wave, and then set the state of them. Some of the most useful extensions out there involve careful interaction of robots and gadgets, and this can get you started.

Enjoy the articles - and please tell us in the forum if you have improvements or your own articles to share.