15 days, 8 countries and zillions of developers

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 | 5:00 PM


Leaving October spring weather in Sydney for a trip around Europe was not easy. But any doubts about the wiseness of our trip disappeared as we walked into the first GTUG event in London where 300+ developers showed up to learn more about the Google Wave APIs. We met two of the most prolific wave developers there (you might know them from extensions such as Rssybot and Votely) as well as meeting David Crane who asked for 1000 accounts for Global Youth Panel to debate climate change. As we flew from country to country, we continued to meet more developers whose enthusiasm for Wave gave us the energy to overcome our jetlag and see the sights of Europe.

Check out the lives waves, videos, and slides for the various events below:
London, England
Oct. 26:
GTUG London: Live waves, Blog post
Vienna, Austria
Oct 27:
TechEd SAP
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct. 28:
Dutch GTUG: Video
Oct. 30:
eComm Europe 2009: 30+ live waves, Many blog posts
Zurich, Switzerland
Nov. 2:
Google Wave Tech Talk: Live wave
Prague, Czech Republic
Nov. 6:
Google Developer Day: Prague: Wave APIs talk (and slides), Wave client talk
Moscow, Russia
Nov. 10:
Google Developer Day: Moscow: Wave APIs talk (in Vadim's native Russian!), Wave client talk, Live waves
Munich, Germany
Nov. 11:
GTUG Munich: Live wave, Video

We look forward to hearing about future Wave events put on by European developers, like the recently held 2-day Wave Hackathon in Munich.
See you next year, Europe!