Google Wave Community Events

Friday, July 31, 2009 | 1:44 PM


While we've had a Wave developer event or two (or three!) here at the Googleplex, community groups are having an amazing number of them all over the world. The community-organized events are a great way to meet and work with local developers. Below are a handful of the ones we know about. (These events aren't Google sponsored, but we participate where and when possible. Follow the event links for details.)

Recent Events

7/18–7/19Bangkok Google Wave Hackathon——
7/22San Diego Google Wave HackathonSan Diego GTUG (Google Technology User Group)
7/25Bangalore GTUG Launch EventBangalore GTUG
7/27Tokyo Google Wave Weekend Hackathon (Japanese)——
7/30Sydney Wave User Group Inaugural EventSydney Wave User Group

Upcoming Events

8/1–8/2Düsseldorf Google Wave Hackathon (German)Düsseldorf GTUG (German)
8/3Bay Area Google Wave August MeetupBay Area Google Wave Meetup Group
8/7–8/9GTUG Campout: Silicon ValleySilicon Valley GTUG
8/8Canberra Google Wave Hackathon Day——
8/20San Francisco Google Wave August MeetupSan Francisco Google Wave Meetup Group

You can find a more complete list of events on the Google Code calendar. And, if you're planning an event of your own, spread the word! Click the Add an event button to add yours to the calendar.