Share Your Work in the Wave Samples Gallery

Monday, June 22, 2009 | 11:45 PM


In the last three weeks, we've seen an amazing amount of activity in the Wave APIs community, with developers churning out new robots and gadgets by the dozens. Some developers have created waves listing their demos, other developers have posted in the forum, and others have created whole domains listing extensions. We wanted to make one central place for developers to share their work - and for people without Sandbox access to get a glimpse of their work - so we created the Wave Samples Gallery. The gallery is based off the code that powers the Youtube, GWT, and App Engine project galleries, but is customized for the Wave APIs.

If you're a Wave developer looking to show off your extension, you can sign in and fill out a form to submit your sample. After going through a moderation queue(we have to look out for evil robots!), your extension will appear on the front page and you can edit its information at any time.

If you're a Wave developer looking for inspiration, you can browse through recent submissions or filter by the language or API used. For each sample listed, you can check out screenshots, click through to a sample Wave (if you have sandbox access), view the source code, and read the technical details.

Currently, the gallery is mostly Googler-created submissions (denoted by a "G" badge), but the featured sample, Napkin Gadget, is from an Australian developer that attended our Google Wave APIs Day in Sydney. It's a collaborative Flash doodling app, and Marcin has open sourced the Gadget XML as well as an ActionScript <-> JavaScript bridge. Follow his lead, and let the world benefit from your code as well!