Google Wave team heads to Google Developer Days in Asia

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 | 10:34 AM


Since Google Wave was unveiled as a developer preview at Google I/O, a few of us are heading on the road to let more developers know about the API platform and the underlying federation protocol. Later this week, some of us will be participating in Google Developer Day Beijing (Friday, June 5). Here are a couple of the sessions:

The Google Wave APIs

Speaker: David Byttow

In this session, we will show how to use the Google Wave APIs through demos and code samples. Learn how to add waves to your web site, extend Google Wave with both client- and server-side code, and integrate Google Wave with other services like Twitter or your favorite bug database.

The Google Wave Client: Powered by GWT

Speaker: Adam Schuck

This talk follows the Google Wave team's experience building the Google Wave client using Google Web Toolkit (GWT). We'll cover some recent advances in GWT which enabled Google Wave to look and feel like a desktop application with comparable performance. In addition, we will discuss the use of WebDriver (an automated web testing tool) which is integral to the project's success.

Next week, if you're in Japan, you can join Greg D'alesandre, Douwe Osinga, David Wang, and Daniel Danilatos at Google Developer Day Tokyo (Tuesday, June 9). Douwe will be presenting about the Google Wave APIs as well.

To get a deeper understanding of the Google Wave APIs, please request a sandbox account, check out the documentation, and review the code samples.

Stay tuned for more about our plans for events later in June in Sydney, AU and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Posted By: Dan Peterson, Product Manager, Google Wave