Google Wave at I/O

Thursday, January 28, 2010 | 8:04 PM


As you may remember, Google Wave was first unveiled to the world at last year's Google I/O, in the 80-minute (infamous?) keynote. In the handful of sessions that we squeezed in on that second day, we explained the basics of the API, the core operational transformation (OT) algorithm, how we take advantage of GWT to build the client, and a bit about the federation protocol. This year, we are focusing on how you can build upon those basics to take Wave integration to the next level. We'll teach you how to build amazing extensions, how to get your own wave server running, and how to start using Wave inside your business. Check out the sessions below, and make sure you can join us for them by registering for I/O!

Open source Google Wave: Building your own wave provider
Dan Peterson, Jochen Bekmann

Google Wave API design principles + anatomy of a great extension
Pamela Fox, Douwe Osinga

Making smart & scalable Wave robots
Douwe Osinga, David Byttow

Google Wave and the enterprise environment
Greg D'alesandre

We're looking forward to chatting with you all, seeing what you've been working on, and discussing what awesome ideas are brewing in your heads.