Google Wave API Presentations: Now Online

Sunday, July 12, 2009 | 5:50 PM


Since the developer release a month ago, the engineering team has flown across the world talking to developers and explaining how Google Wave works - like at Google I/O in San Francisco, and most recently, at GDD Brazil in Sao Paolo. The team loves meeting developers everywhere - and of course, tasting their local delicacies (like sweet potato ice cream in Japan and pão de queijo in Brazil) - but at some point, they have to get back to actually engineering this whole Wave thing.

So, to make sure that other developers can still learn about Google Wave straight from the engineers' mouths, we've added a media gallery to the docs that links to various videos and slides. You can watch talks like "Programming with Google Wave", "Google Wave: Powered by GWT", "Google Wave: Under the Hood", among others.

If you're a developer thinking about presenting about Google Wave at your local developer events, you can use these presentations as a basis, and if you come up with your own set of slides or have a recording of your talk, let us know in the forum so that we can add them to the gallery.